Leauge Rules & Policies

The following league-wide rules & policies apply to every league run by Teamplay Sports, and are in addition to each sport's sport-specific rules.

Table of Contents:

    5. REFUNDS
    14. PLAYERS UNDER 18
    15. Spectators in the playing area


Teamplay Sports participants must consider the safety of all players in the game and spectators on the sidelines. Aggressive play is not permitted. We are about fair play, sportsmanship and consideration for the well-being for all players on the field. Keeping with the spirit of fair play, all games are self-refereed. We encourage competitive play, but never at the expense of good sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game. Always be respectful and ensure that your teammates and opponents have a great time. Teamplay Sports reserves the right to eject from the league, without refund, any player or team that is deemed to be verbally or physically abusive, or in any way threatens the safety, well-being, or general enjoyment of the game of other players or spectators. In order to promote a safe, fun and fair playing environment for all players, All players must understand the expectations for playing in Teamplay Sports. Team Captains are required by Teamplay Sports to ask players to leave the gym/field if they are involved with any of the following acts:

  • Swearing directly at another player, Game Coordinator, or spectator.
  • Intentionally pushing, shoving or making physical contact with another player.
  • Making comments to instigate an altercation with another player.
  • Taunting, dangerous agression, intentional fouling, or harassment of any kind towards another player, spectactor or Teamplay representative.
  • Damage toTeamplay Sports' equipment or facilities.

In addition to being dismissed from the game, a one week suspension (or more), or a permanent ban from all Teamplay Sports leagues may be assigned by Teamplay Sports to the involved player and/or team.


Email us with any in game issues if you and your opponent were unable to come to an on-field agreement. Our current 3rd party platform does not account for spirit points (we are pushing them to work on this!)


Refer to page: http://www.teamplay.ca/pages/CaptainsRoleandResponsibilities


Registration is not complete until full payment for all participants on your team roster or your individual payment has been received by Teamplay prior to the registration deadline. Therefore, a place in the league is not saved. Registration is saved in the order of first payed, first spot saved.

Captains must organize the collection of team payment and pay by the registration deadline    (exceptions to this is if a team was put together as free agents by the league)


A refund will not be given due to forfeits/defaults or cancelled games due to weather, for injuries, or for any player or team that is suspended or ejected from a game/season or league due to foul play, objectionable conduct or violation of our "Fair Play Rule" or facility permit. Once the regular registration deadline has passed there is NO refund for registered teams/individuals/free agents, a credit is given which must be used within a 6 month period from the date issued. One week prior the regular registration deadline a $15 per individual and $50 per team administration fee will be applied for withdrawing from the league. If in the unlikely event there is no fault of the registrant (ie. the league does not receive enough interested), then a full refund will be issued at the end of the registration period. 


Any conduct or foul play that results in a loss of a permit to Teamplay is not tolerated and will result in disciplinary action. At all times we encourage safe, fun and fair play. Objectionable conduct includes disrespect to players and facility staff, damage to venue property, any other reason for a loss of a facility permit, or any other reason that Teamplaya deems as objectionable conduct in violation of "Fair Play" Rule.


Alcohol and/or illegal substances are not permitted on the field of play, the sidelines, the parking lot or any area of our venues. If you bring these substances within our venues you will removed from the field of play and removed from Teamplay without refund. We enforce a zero tolerance policy with this issue. Teamplay offers a post-game venue to celebrate and connect with your teammates after each game night. Playing while intoxicated or under the influence is prohibited and may result in ejection from the league. Smoking at a venue is prohibited and must comply with the venue's policies and may result in ejection from the league..


We ask that all teams and players show up ready to play their games, UNLESS games have been cancelled prior to game start time by Teamplay due to outdoor field closures or indoor facility closures due to inclimate weather. Cancelled games will be posted on our Facebook Page and emailed out to members. In cases of severe weather, games can be suspended on site by Field/Court Supervisor sounding of the whistle 2 times, or by Captains' on site agreement. If games are suspended due to foul weather, wait 30 minutes to see if the foul weather subsides at which point a decision is made to play or to cancel play. Safety is paramount and we ask all teams and players to use your best judgement at all times. Make-up dates for cancelled game cannot be guaranteed for a later time or date. Activity still must end at completion as per the original schedule. 

Severe Weather - Lightning/Thunder:

  • Firstly, always use your best judgement at all times. If you don't feel safe - leave the field immediately and seek safe shelter.
  • General guideline: If you see a flash of lightning and thunder follows less than 30 seconds apart, leave the field of play immediately and seek safe shelter and stay there, games are then suspended for 30 minutes to see if the severe weather subsides. If it does not, the game is cancelled and there is no make-up date.
  • If the game is cancelled and at least 20 minutes of the game was played, the game will count in the standings - record the score at the time the game was called. If the weather clears up the game will continue and be played until its normal ending time. Games still start/end at the regularly scheduled time in the event of severe weather stoppage.

Other Severe Weather Situations - Rain, Wind, Hail:

  • Firstly, always use your best judgement at all times. If you don't feel safe - leave the field immediately and seek safe shelter.
  • In other severe weather situations (wind, rain, hail) games are still played but on site captains agreement can suspend/cancel the game at any time. If the game is suspended, wait 30 minutes under safe shelter and see if the foul weather subsides. If it does not the game is called and the score is recorded.
  • If the game is cancelled and at least 20 minutes of the game was played, the game will count in the standings - record the score at the time the game was called. If the weather clears up the game will continue and be played until its normal ending time. Games still start/end at the regularly scheduled time in the event of severe weather stoppage.
  • Game coordinators can also call games if field conditions become too saturated causing damage to the field.

Poor Field Conditions:

  • Firstly, always use your best judgement at all times. If you don't feel safe - leave the field immediately and seek safe shelter.
  • To ensure that the fields are not damaged, Teamplay follows the following criteria set by the owner of the Facility (ie. Cities of Cambridge, Kitchener or Waterloo) to determine whether a field is "unplayable": visual ponding of water on the surface of the field, water sponging under foot when walking on field, the Field Supervisor deems the sport field to be unsafe for play, there is lightning, or the City determines a field is unplayable.
  • If the field is deemed unplayable by the City, the games will cancelled. If you are concerned that the game may be cancelled, click here for the latest field closures before your game.

Indoor Facilities:

  • If Indoor facilities are closed due to inclimate weather games are cancelled. Make-up dates for cancelled game cannot be guaranteed for a later time or date. 


Each team captain is responsible for recording the game score. Before leaving the field of play make sure you confirm and verify the score with your opponent. If there is a discrepancy in the final score the 2 teams must come to a consensus of what the score is prior to the start of the next game otherwise both teams will be given a tie. Captains must submit scores 24 hours after the completition of your game so that standings can be updated. Tie Breakers - Ties in the standings will be broken by the following heading into playoff week:

  • 1st - Higher Win %,
  • 2nd - Most wins then ties,
  • 3rd - Higher spirit average,
  • 4th - Head-to-head match ups,
  • 5th - Common opponent win/loss,
  • 6th - If still tied a coin toss will break the tie heading into playoff week.

Forfeit - A forfeit counts as a loss in the standings. The team defaulted will receive 3 for spirit and the team defaulted against will receive 5 for that game. Note: Any team that forfeits/defaults more than once in a season may be asked to leave the league without refund. If your team is unable to make a game -- email us at play@teamplay.ca asap so that we may inform your opponent or try to make alternate arrangements.


All teams make the playoffs in every one of our sports leagues. Player Substitutions -- In the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play, captains are expected to replace players with a person of a similar skill level. Bringing in ringers for regular season and particularly playoff games is strongly discouraged.


We encourage all teams to get uniforms/jerseys/shirts made up but this is the responsibility of each team. All players are required to bring both a white and dark shirt to each game. You may wear a team colour, but you still need to bring an opposite coloured shirt in the event that your opponent wears the same or a similar team colour.

General rule of thumb for shirt colours is HOME teams wear White; AWAY teams wear dark / coloured shirts.


  • Individuals may wear any soft protective equipment or clothing as long as it does not endanger the safety of any other player.
  • Cleats are allowed but must be rubber. Metal cleats are not permitted for any sport.
  • Players MUST wear shoes - closed toe running shoes or cleats in good standing must be worn. Bare feet are not allowed to be played in.


All sporting equipment supplied by Teamplay lent to members with the intention of having it returned upon a completed season registered for includes: field cones, soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, footballs, football flags, and equipment bags, . All Teamplay equipment must be returned in good condition at the end of each season in which it was supplied, unless your team has been given email permission to retain the equipment for an upcoming season by Teamplay. Failure to return supplied equipment, will prevent you or your team from returning in future seasons. Note: This does not include ultmate frisbee discs.

 Equipment Availability Captains are responsible for ensuring the team equipment is on site and available for each game .  If teams dont bring their league supplied equipment there may not be enough equipment to play. This will be considered a forfeit from the team that did not bring their equipment. The league retains the right to remove a team from the league without refund that continually does not bring their equipment to games.

Care and Return of Equipment / Reporting lost equipment  Equipment must be returned and taken care of throughout the season.  If equipment gets lost (ball stuck in the gym ceiling, lost in the bushes or damaged the captain MUST notify the league director within 24 hours. If the league is not notified and the equipment is not returned at the end of the season, team captains will be billed for the cost of the equipment. Every effort should be made to locate the equipment (if lost in the bushes for outdoor sports). If equipment gets stuck in the rafters or ceiling (indoor sports),  do NOT attempt to throw objects / other balls in order to retrieve the equipment (you will most likely get another ball stuck) . Teams will be held responsible for damages to facilities. If equipment is not returned at the end of the season, captains will be billed the original cost of the equipment.  If the league is notified within 24 hours, we will retrieve the equipment and no charges will apply.

Equipment Pick Up & Mandatory Captain's Meeting    All captains are required to attend a captains meeting (if required) prior to the league start. Captains will receive his / her team equipment at the captains meeting. If a captain cannot attend, they must select an assistant captain and/or team member to represent him / her at the meeting. The league retains the right to suspend teams from the league that don't have a representative at the captains meeting.


Players under 18 - Captains must ensure any player under 18 gets a parent or legal guardian to sign a copy of the waiver prior to participating, as well as the player himself/herself (Players under 18 should get permission to play in the league first from the league director). Players under 18 are NOT permitted to participate in any TEAMPLAY SPORTS' activities if they do not have parental / legal guardian permission and signature on the waiver.  No player under the age of 16 is eligible to play in TEAMPLAY SPORTS.

15. Spectators in the playing area

Captains must ensure spectators do not come into the play area.  The playing area includes all rented space by the league, including the team bench area. If spectators wish to sit on the team bench or stand in the play area they must sign a waiver / accept league policies so they are aware they are at risk of possible injury (e.g. If someone wants to sit on a team bench for dodgeball. The bench is in the playing area so spectators should sign a waiver).

Children in the play area:  Captains are responsible for ensuring the following policy regarding children in the play area / rented space is followed. Parents must sign for minors 11 to 17 years of age that wish to be in TEAMPLAY rented space (e.g. gyms) and watch the games.  Youth 10 and under are not be permitted in the playing area / rented space, regardless if a parent is willing to sign a waiver. Any team that witnesses this should contact the league director immediately and refuse to play until the youth is removed. The playing area includes all rented space by the league, which includes the team bench area (e.g. team bench for dodgeball).  Any team that refuses to follow this policy not only must take a forfeit, but also may be suspended from the league.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is important that Captains ensure players know their risks and accept knowledge of league rules, policies, procedures and waivers. Waivers not only protect the league, they protect captains.  Not only is it important to get waivers signed, it is equally important to ensure waivers are given to the league director so we can keep them on file for future years to prove you have done your due diligence.  Remember you are protecting yourself. A file will be made for each team. Waivers only need to be signed by each member of your team once; however, it is recommended to have team members accept that they are aware of league policies (as these are updated each season). This can be done by entering all team members in the Team Management System(TMS), which will email them a link to all updated policies.  If captains dont wish to re-enter their members in the TMS, they will be responsible for ensuring league policies are forwarded to their members.


The Waterloo Region District School Board requires a designated supervisor to be present at the gyms each night. All captains are listed as the designated gym supervisor on the gym permits.  The school board requires all supervisors to have a paper copy of the gym permit to gain entry into the school / gym.  Without a paper copy of the permit, the  school contact (custodian) may not allow us to use the gym. Captains will be given a paper copy of the gym permit in his / her equipment bag at the captains meeting. Captains are responsible for ensuring they have a paper copy of the permit on site at each gameSupervising the gyms is a VERY important responsibility!!!! TEAMPLAY SPORTS could lose the use of our gyms if captains are not ensuring gym policies are followed and enforced.  All captains will be given a copy of the gym policies set out by the School Boards and our community gym rental partners. Captains should ensure all team members and spectators are aware of the following policies:

  • DO NOT PROP OPEN GYM DOORS!  This is a mandate given by the school board. It is for the safety of the  custodians.  It is also to avoid vandalism. Any individual or team that is seen propping open the gym door should be reported and can be suspended for a game.  If it continues they can be suspended indefinitely. It's the captain's responsibility to ensure players and spectators are aware of this.
  • DO NOT USE ANY SCHOOL EQUIPMENT!!!!! (With the exception of volleyball standards).  Each team is responsible for bringing their own game balls and equipment. If a team forgets to coordinate the equipment and does not have it for the game, THEY CANNOT USE THE SCHOOLS!!  They will either have to use the opposing team's equipment or it will be a forfeit!!
  • DO NOT DAMAGE SCHOOL PROPERTY!!! Teams will be responsible for any damages to school property. Players are NOT permitted to hang off of basketball nets. Players should NOT use other objects to retrieve a ball that gets stuck in the ceiling or rafters.    BALLS or OTHER OBJECTS SHOULD NOT BE THROWN AT THE LIGHTS OR ANY OTHER OBJECT IN THE GYM DURING WARM UP. If teams damage gyms in ANY way, not only could they be liable but TEAMPLAY  SPORTS is also at risk of losing our gym permit.  PLEASE ENSURE YOUR PLAYERS TREAT THE SCHOOL EQUIPMENT AND PREMISES WITH RESPECT.
  • PLAYERS ARE NOT TO BANG ON THE SCHOOL DOORS FOR SOMEONE TO LET THEM IN!!!  ALL PLAYERS SHOULD ARRIVE ON THE TIME LISTED ON THE SCHEDULE (NO EARLIER / NO LATER). We have specific times in which we rent the gyms.  If a player arrives 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time, they must wait outside until the time indicated on the schedule. If a player is late they must coordinate his / her arrival with their captain and the captain must let them in.  Do not bang on the doors as we can lose our gym permits for doing this.
  • ONLY CAPTAINS ARE PERMITTED IN THE EQUIPMENT ROOM TO GET VOLLEYBALL STANDARDS!!!!  The school boards only permit supervisors to go in to the equipment room.  Captains may ask for assistance in retrieving the equipment from one other member of his / her team, but they must supervise that only the volleyball standards are being taking from the school equipment room.  NO OTHER EQUIPMENT. Captains must also ensure the equipment gets put away exactly as it was found.
  • NO FOOD IS PERMITTED IN THE GYMS. This includes snacks that spectators or minors may wish to bring into the gym.  The school board does not permit any food in the gyms.
  • NO WET SHOES / BOOTS IN THE GYMS:  Please remove all outdoor shoes outside the gym entrance doors.
  • ONLY NON-MARKING SHOES ARE PERMITTED IN THE GYMS: Only indoor, non-marking shoes are permitted on the gym floors. If a players shoes are making black marks on the gym floor STOP THE GAMES IMMEDIATELY!!  The player with the marking shoes MUST change his / her shoes or simply won't be permitted to continue.  The school board charges a fee for having to remove black marks from the floor.  This charge will be charged to the teams.  So please ensure players aren't making black marks on the gym floor.
  • REPORT ANY DAMAGES OR MESSES IN THE GYM TO THE CUSTODIAN IMMEDIATELY!!!  If captains arrive to the gym and there are marks on the floor, garbage left in the gym, mud on the floors etc. report it to the custodian IMMEDIATELY!!  This is so your team won't be blamed for any damages a group before you may have made.  Feel free to take photos and email them to the league director so we can report them on our permits.
  • CAPTAINS MUST INFORM ALL PLAYERS OF THE GYM POLICIES!!!!  Captains must ensure all team members and spectators are aware of all school board gym policies, especially those listed above.  If the captain is late, team members must wait for the captains arrival (or other team captain's arrival) before they are permitted in the equipment room and/or gym.  The captain should designate another member of their team to monitor the door on his / her behalf if he/she is late.
  • IF CAPTAIN IS ABSENT:  If a captain cannot make a game, he / she must designate the assistant captain or another team member to take on all gym supervision responsibilities in his / her absence, including carrying the gym permit and equipment.

Captains and our members are viewed as an integral part of ensuring the league runs smoothly and maintains a good name within the City of Cambridge, the local school boards and our partners. The league sincerely thanks our members and captains for their cooperation in making this a great league!

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